Month: January 2014

Seven Year’s War Russian’s

Test figures are completed for my 3rd Cuirassier’s Regiment after a lot of research into uniforms for the period!


Turn’s out the light blue coat that is often depicted was a parade uniform as opposed to the chamois service uniform that I have painted.

A blue cloak was reportedly worn in winter and was rolled up and secured behind the riders saddle.

Everything else is as historically accurate as I could determine.

Still in need of a matt varnish and suitable basing for the period…likely fields of trodden flowers scattered with lace embroidered gloves, dandy hat’s and corpses!

Lovely figures to paint!

3rd_Cuirassier_Regimental_Standard     3rd_Cuirassier_Colonel_Standard

Regimental standard (Light blue field) and the Leib standard (white field) which was carried by the 1st squadron of the regiment.


Maurice WIP

I’m very excited for Maurice! It reads as an excellent rule system (hopefully playing the same) and the period is full of flavour with all those fancily dressed gentlemen lining up at civilised hours to kill each other!


I have chosen Eureka’s Seven Years War figures at 18mm mainly owing to the fact that they are such wonderful sculpts.

Still yet to finalise the makeup of my 100 point Russian army but I have settled on a mix of Corps of Observation figures in winter uniform’s backed by Cuirassiers similarly dressed and supported by mounted Cossack’s and Kalmuk’s.

Here’s a small sample of the quality of these figures with the Cuirassier command group and a General figure which I will be utilising on a small diorama base as my CiC.




Rivers & Streams

Using the same techniques learnt from my marshes I tried my hand at a board spanning river.
I ended up cutting it into five sections to reduce warping of the 3mm MDF before finishing with water effects.
Initially meant for 15mm-20mm figures it still serves as a nice little stream for 28mm as seen here with my FiW Indians.


Marsh Terrain

Putting the finishing touches on a set of marshes suitable for 15mm – 20mm gaming.

It was my first time using Woodland Scenics water effects and I learned a few lessons the hard way, fortunately I was able to fix the mistakes and ended up with a decent finished product.

Next up is a few streams and rivers using the same techniques and usable for Muskets and Tomahawks along with WWII gaming.








6th British Airborne

I fussed around with colour schemes finally settling on this for my 15mm 6th British Airborne. Test figure complete with Bren gun.


I think it looks fairly representative of the denison smock as seen here.


My aim now is to get a little production line going to get them all completed.

I currently have all the beret’s and the jump trousers finished but the smocks will slow me down.

Single based 15mm figures are so much easier to paint than my usual method for Flames of War where I base all the figures first then paint them.