US 2nd Ranger Battalion

I have decided to do a comprehensive tutorial on how I go about tackling my 20mm US Infantry (AB Figures). It will be a complete run down, everything involved in the process will be covered from basing right through to detailing. I will nominate colours and paint brands utilised and any techniques that I think might prove useful. Take the tutorial for what it is….in no means do I claim to be an “expert” painter but instead think I may have a few useful tips that you might like to adopt. To give an idea of where I’m headed here is the initial sample figure that I have tested colour schemes on and which is pretty much how I will paint up my Battlegroup/Chain of Command US force. I elected to represent an actual Ranger Battalion mainly out of interest in their undertakings in the initial Normandy landings.

Figure is not completed yet, still a bit of detail to pick out (Ranger Insignia ect.) and a matt varnish to be applied.

Hope you enjoy.






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