Bit of a change up from Historical Wargames in these couple of posts as I’ve recently been focused on getting an old project completed. For the uninitiated Infinity is a sci-fi 28mm skirmish game produced by Corvus Belli (CB) from Spain. The game is based 175 years in the future with major factions fighting clandestine battles on some fronts whilst all out war has erupted on others. It is in my opinion THE best sci-fi miniatures game on the market period and has been for several years now. I base that claim on several factors, all of which I weigh with importance when judging a games worth.

Firstly, the 28mm miniature range that CB produce are simply the best sci-fi miniature offerings available at this scale of production. Sure the odd sculptor might release miniatures on par but month in month out CB release 10-12 figures that maintain an exceptionally high standard and really set the bar. The sculpting talent just has to be seen to be believed,  they are always cast so clean with minimal flash at the worst, but most often none!

Secondly the game itself from a rules point of view is such a breath of fresh air to the skirmish genre. Throw those musty old D6’s away as this system utilises the wonderful piece of plastic that is the D20! The game was designed from the ground up for tournament play and is remarkably balanced for a game of this kind. It’s an intuitive system to learn and also lends itself fantastically to narrative style gameplay for those that like adding that bit extra to their gaming experience. It has a low model count for the standard point game being around ten miniatures depending on faction. Speaking of faction their is really something for everyone from the characterful Nomad’s, the tech superior Pan Oceania, bio researchers and True Islam worshipping Haqqislam, shady big brother AI Aleph and four or five others.

Last but not least the team at CB care about the setting they have built…they don’t rush out a product every six months to cash in on success but take time to properly play test, develop story arcs and on the whole polish the whole universe into the wonderful setting it is today. Books are released “when they are done”, they are little works of art and run at around an eighteen month cycle currently so the game isn’t changing constantly. There is an excellent tournament system in place with season specific scenarios and missions and a campaign book was released early last year for those who have that more narrative mindset which again was an excellent product. Iv’e rambled enough…here are a few images of some old unfinished terrain pieces.











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