Wargaming Rules

By Fire and Sword


What better way to start the new year than a brief look at the English version of what is in my opinion the nicest looking rulebook on the market!
Others have reviewed the system, albeit the Polish version, but translation and just as importantly interpretation seem to have been handled extremely well.
This book is close to 400 pages of polished (and Polish!) material covering all aspects of the hobby from painting your army to core rules, advanced rules, army lists and an extensive history lesson covering this very colourful period.
From reading the rules one gets the feeling that the tactical flexibility the phase based IGOUGO system adopts combined with the orders mechanic will provide an extremely rewarding gaming experience.
The game also offers great scope in scalability catering for smaller skirmish style battles right through to the great army level.
Its been a while coming but between this and Sam Mustafa’s Maurice I have finally been dragged out of WWII battles and I can’t wait to start playing both!