There is an air of odd eccentricity about wargamers, or so my wife of sixteen years and friends inform me!
But none the less I find it as rewarding now in my early forties as I did in my early teens, maybe more so as I can now afford all those tempting new releases that in my teens were mere wishful thinking.
My young son thinks its “cool”, oldest daughter thinks I’m mad and our youngest daughters thoughts fall somewhere in between!
Relatively new to historical wargames it was the lure of recreating WWII battles and modelling terrain from those theatres that appealed to me.
Of late I have found myself tempted by some of the smaller publishers offerings like Two Fat Lardies (Chain of Command) and Iron Fist Publishings exccellent Battlegroup series.
I also find myself on the verge of entering into earlier periods thanks to offerings like Maurice and By Fire and Sword, exciting times for the wargamer.

Anyway enough of the chit chat, I get little enough painted as it is and I’ve already bored you enough.
On with the endless assault on that monstrous pile that is the Lead Mountain!


One comment

  1. Very cool Shane. I always thought you needed a blog to display all your awesome projects.

    I look forward to following this one.

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