If I was to post all my current WIP this blog would literally explode with content, to much stuff, not enough time.
One thing I have been focusing on of late though is Battlegroup Overlord having received the rulebook over Christmas.
Straight to the index then I immediately made a bee line for page 46…British 6th Airborne Division, ah my beloved Brit Airborne!
After sorting out list construction I then set to work on what I feel is a nice representation of these guys in Normandy.
I only opted for one platoon (could have two at this points level) but it’s big and nasty being elite and with a good selection of support.


6th Airborne Division (Officers: 2) Army Size: Platoon 500 / 40br

Forward Headquarters Units
Forward Headquarters (Jeep Transport) 24/3BR
Forward Signals Unit (Jeep Transport) 16/1BR

Infantry Units
Airborne Infantry Platoon (Elite) 187/19BR
Command Section 0/0BR
Rifle Section (Anti-tank Grenades, 2 Bren Guns, Replace rifles with SMG’s) 7/0BR
Rifle Section (Anti-Tank Grenades, 2 Bren Guns) 7/0BR
Rifle Section (2 Bren Guns) 2/0BR
Light Mortar Team 0/0BR
PIAT Team 0/0BR
Combat Medic 9/0BR
Heavy Machine Gun team 25/1BR
Medium Mortar Team 27/1BR
Anti-tank Gun (6pdr with Jeep Tow) 37/2BR

Artillery Units
Forward Observer Team (Jeep Transport) 16/1BR
Airborne Artillery Battery (2 75mmL16 Howitzers, 2 Jeep Tows) 60/4BR

Reconnaissance Support Units
Armoured Recce Tank (1 Cromwell) 63/3BR

Logistics Support Units
Forward Aid Post (4 men with a tent) 20/5BR

With the list sorted it was then time to get some figures based up and ready to paint.
Scale wise 20mm is my preferred option and will form the basis of a longer term project but I don’t yet have enough of the AB Figures 20mm range to field the list.
What I do have though is a full range of Peter Pig’s 15mm Brit Para’s and seeing as my main opponent whom I will be learning the game with is a stout believer in all things 15mm that’s where I’ve started.
So here they all are based up and ready to paint except for the artillery and anti-tank guns which I’m waiting on bases for.
I even found a forward aid post that should look the part when finished!
 photo 20140112_082245_zpshsj9pulv.jpg

 photo 20140112_082321_zps1kpli6pa.jpg

 photo 20140112_082334_zpsydf94k4z.jpg

 photo 20140112_082259_zpsipf1dh4s.jpg

 photo 20140112_082224_zpsfwsv9ipl.jpg

 photo 20140112_083248_zpsbi049eyc.jpg

 photo 20140112_083302_zps1alaivlv.jpg


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