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Battle For The Hedgerows


I’m as keen as ever to get some games of Battlegroup Overlord¬†and Chain of Command underway and have been building up my stocks of figures to suit. I have made the decision to focus primarily on 20mm (1/72) scale miniatures as I believe they offer the best balance between figure detail whilst keeping ground scale workable in larger games even though BG will likely need an 8′ x 6′ table. It also gives me access to the huge range of plastic 1/72 scale military models so theoretically one should never want for a specific vehicle type ever again!

AB Figures have recently been picked up by Eureka Miniatures here in Australia and are by far my preferred option to field when it come to infantry. The ranges are extensive (except Soviets and US Para’s!) and offer some truly amazing sculpts. Nic from Eureka has been working hard on getting the codes back in production with Fallschirmjager and US Infantry all now available to order and German SS available but not yet on the Eureka online store.

My initial aim is to get enough figures painted to commence smaller games of CoC with the aim of building towards 500 point and larger games of Battlegroup Overlord. I have US Infantry now well covered and German opposition on the way. I also have a selection of Brit Para’s ready to paint but will wait on the rerelease before making a start on them. All going well I will be starting these US figures shortly and will then add some AFV support and artillery options. Before long they will be tackling the hedgerows and rubble of Normandy!


Here are a few samples of some of my favourite poses in the US range all based and ready to paint.








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